Faux Fake Fur 3 Tone Rainbow Long Pile Fabric 60" Width Sold By Yard Turquoise

Supreme Acoustics

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Faux Fake Fur 3 Tone Rainbow Long Pile Fabric is made for the sole purpose to appear and feel like real fur but with a twist. This type of fur is used by all types of people from designers to peoples personal use. Faux Fur is very durable, unmatched in warmth, and very easy to take care of. This is a very good alternative to the use of real fur due to the modern recognition for animal rights. You can also select from a wide variety of common fur colors to shades not found among animal furs. Either way, by selecting Faux Faux Fur you are getting the best product on the market for the best price.


Can be used for Fur Coats, Fur Clothing, Blankets, Bed Spreads, Throw Blankets, attached to everyday accessories such as Bags, boots, and clothing, etc..


Made from 100% Synthetic Product

Width: 60"

No stretch

Pile Length: 3.5 inches

Shiny Reflective Material